Parkinson’s Support Group   Weatherford, Texas

Introduction and Mission

Janet  Standifer formed the Parkinson’s Support Group in Weatherford, Texas to increase awareness of Parkinson’s Disease through education, information, and support for the persons with Parkinson’s Disease and their families.

What is a Parkinson’s Support Group?

The Parkinson’s  Support group is a non-profit, voluntary group.   People who attend have in common a strong desire to learn more about Parkinson’s Disease and how to cope with day-day situations.

    *  The group shares and exchanges common experiences, situations and problems that are related to P.D.

    *  The group offers an opportunity to socialize and provide emotional and practical support.

    *  The group provides ways to learn and share information about topics of interests, resources and experiences.

Who Would Benefit?

Anyone interested in learning more about Parkinson’s Disease would benefit from attending the group meetings. We welcome those that would like to learn more about Parkinson’s disease , whether you are a friend, family member and/or someone living with Parkinson’s Disease.


Topics  discussed are those selected by members of the support group. Guest speakers and/or group members may present the topics during each meeting.


Northside Baptist Church

910 N. Main St.

Weatherford, Texas 7608

Meeting Dates and Times for 2019:

Parkinson’s Support Group:    Rm. 102, 3:00-4:00                                                                                

June 25           Hemp Oil -Questions Answered:  Joelene Slocum and Kathleen Campbell

July 30            Texas Parkinson’s Disease Rehab. and Wellness Program: Dorothy Conway

August 27        Long-Term Care Planning: Financial and Legal :  Slaten Gough-Financial Advisor

Sept.  24          LSVT BIG Program: Cody Palmer-P.T.

Oct. 29             Pending

Refreshments are served.
Parkinson's Support Group